Whilst I sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for Liz Burton to reply to my cheeky Scam-Bait letter, I thought I’d write a little on a subject that I discovered a few months back, something that gets a lot of bad press, partly fair, but largely…not fair. Firstly, I’d strongly reccomend you have a read of the article about the Dark Web, or DarkNey on UK tabloid paper “The Sun.”  HERE.

Done that? Good. Now listen up, the sites detailed on it and the way it is described is really very, very real.

That said, (and this is more important than the above comment) saying the “Dark Web” is evil and full of drug dealers and pedophiles is like saying the “normal” internet is limited to personal Blogs alone. It is quite obviously NOT.

The trouble with the Dark Web is that is is shrouded in mystery, due to its relative difficulty to access, and then its further difficulty to actually navigate. If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll soon find that it can be a wealth of information and really quite normal websites. The difference usually lies in that the authors/users of the site prefer to stay Anonymous, and often just because they can.

If you’ve come here to find out how to get on the Dark Web, you’ve come to the wrong place, but I can point you in the right direction. Be advised- there is nothing illegal about accessing it, nothing illegal about downloading the necessary programs/files, and there is nothing illegal about visiting the majority of the sites on it. However, that doesn’t mean you should. It is far easier to stumble across something you REALLY don’t want to see compared to the normal internet. It is also far easier to cause some real issues for yourself if you piss the wrong person off, theoretically. Plus, the websites look like throwbacks from a 1995 Geocities website.

Based on my experience, the following can be easily accessed on the “Dark Web”.

This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Marketplaces (like eBay, Amazon etc – sometimes with a twist, eg. Drugs, stolen goods, money laundering…)
  • Hit-men/Assassins for hire. (Probably many are Trolls, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all)
  • Gambling Sites
  • Child Porn
  • Articles (Online libraries, with texts often censored in some more right/left wing countries)
  • Chat-rooms
  • Lots and lots of Forums – 99% just like you’d find on the “normal” internet.
  • Search Engines
  • Wiki’s
  • Games
  • “Normal” (lolz) Porn
  • Mirror sites
  • And normal ol’ websites.
But before you do a Google search and try and get on there, its not as simple as popping in “www.darkweb.net.” If you even end up on the Dark Web, and find a site able to sell you some drugs- you have to work out how to get “Bitcoins.” And don’t get me started on Bitcoins.
Put simply- buying, well, anything on Dark Web is like buying a car from eBay for the first time. It looks fine in the photos, and the description is ideal for what you want- but then you have to figure out how to pay £5K through PayPal and trust the fucker your sending it to have it there when you get it. If you get it. Most of the time it’d just be easier to go to a few garages with your cash, find one you want and hand the cash over. It’ll end up cheaper and you know who your buying from.
Anyway, I said I’d point you in the direction of how to access it all. If you really wanted. Thanks to a poster called “REAL” on www.thebotnet.com, here is the link.
Ill be quite clear before I sign off; I’m not condoning the use of the DarkWeb, or imploring you to. I’d suggest against it, but that’s what most who’ve been on it says. And we’ve all still been on it and survived.
Taraaa people.